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An Owner’s Manual for Life Insurance

Life insurance can be a tough matter to discuss because it reminds us of complex and unpleasant topics — financial planning, taxes, and our own mortality, to name a few. And reading a book about life insurance? Well, that probably doesn’t sound enticing to most people.

But this is not a boring discussion of life insurance written for actuaries, accountants, or attorneys.

Investments Don’t Hug: Embracing the Life Insurance Asset is a collection of love stories about husbands and wives, moms and dads, and families whose lives were forever impacted by the simple purchase of a life insurance policy as a covenant of their love. Important lessons are woven through these real stories, instead of imaginary accounts where everything goes right and there’s always a happy ending.

Sometimes life is difficult, but a disciplined, thoughtful approach may prepare your family to preserve their respect and dignity even during the most challenging circumstances. These stories share the pain, anxiety, and joy experienced by loved ones, while illuminating the tools you can use to take charge of your own financial life for the certainty and security for those you love.

Investments Don’t Hug is  an owner’s manual for life insurance. As you read or listen to the book, have a pen at hand to make notes. You might also want to have a box of tissues close by, as you pause to take in the emotional significance of the book’s message through the tears shed by the narrators and author. An important theme will come through loud and clear: by taking the important steps to ensure your family is taken care of now and in the future by using this smart financial planning tool— is an act of love.

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Here’s what readers have to say about the book:

“Mark Bertrang is a master storyteller! I write about finances and life insurance myself, and I learned some new things from this book. But much more than that, I laughed and cried and really ENJOYED this book! You learn how to apply financial principles and products to your life through the touching and (warning) sometimes heartbreaking real-life stories Mark shares. Unique and highly recommended. I especially recommend listening to the book on Audible. Mark was a radio guy before he got into life insurance, and he narrates this book like the pro he is. The book has heart as well as many financial tips, examples, and metaphors that will help you understand whole life insurance and its value.”
– Kathy P.
“I’m not a “financial person” but I actually read this whole book! Concepts are illustrated through a variety of true stories. I enjoyed the stories, and learned about life insurance too. I didn’t realize that there are so many different options.”
– Robin H.
“Mark Bertrang has done an extraordinary job of bringing his years of experience, clarity, and compassion to this book, Investments Don’t Hug. The joy and sorrow of each chapter builds your understanding of a potentially boring topic we often put off or never talk about – life insurance. I expected a dry, formal explanation of this financial asset. Instead, I was moved by Mark’s vivid examples of real-life experiences and the easy-to-understand explanations of how this product works and the important value it creates.”
– Adrienne D.
“Love this book. It is well written and discusses life insurance that anyone can understand. Mark did an amazing job. Do yourself a favor and read this book – you will not regret it!”
– Autumn J.
“Mark, I’ve just finished your book, Investments Don’t Hug… and I’ve never cried more while reading a life insurance book! Thank you for putting your excellent work out there to empower and uplift others. Great work!”
– Marshall’s Insurance Agency

Impact Your Family and Community for Generations

Investments Don’t Hug is so much more than a book about financial planning or life insurance. It’s a journey that takes you through the lives of couples and their families, while providing gentle lessons on how life insurance actually works, how much you may want to own, and what type you may wish to purchase. With this book as your guide, you have the opportunity to make a positive impact on your family and community for generations to come! Click here to buy the book today.