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Financial Security

Should Older Americans Buy Life Insurance?

During their older years of life, many older Americans don’t think about buying life insurance. It’s too expensive, they reason; this is a particularly popular excuse from those living on a fixed retirement income. Medical bills are already stacking up, and they must invest their money in paying off monthly debts from those. They also reason that as the economy shifts and morphs, basic life expenses sure aren’t getting any cheaper.

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Why to Buy Life Insurance if You’re Still Young

Young, healthy people oftentimes think they have more important things to purchase than life insurance. They’re in their primes, with promising new careers and fresh, burgeoning relationships; the end of all of that seems like a far-off fantasy.

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What Does Life Insurance Cover?

Life insurance helps protect your family financially once you reach the end of your life. If you have a spouse, children, a mortgage, and other debts, it is an affordable and necessary expense to help create stability after you leave your family behind.

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Life Insurance is a Love Letter

Perhaps when you were young and first dating your spouse, you wrote a love letter. Perhaps you continued to place small notes on the dashboard of your spouse’s car or taped ones to a medicine cabinet or in their sack lunch. You might have written a note and place it with your youngster’s homework assignment, so your son or daughter would find it when they opened their school binder at their classroom desk. These are all love letters.

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Why Purchasing Mortgage Insurance is the Wrong Approach to Life Insurance

Whether term life or permanent life insurance is chosen as the product to insure your life, the first question to ask is how much life insurance should you purchase? Why is it that all other forms of insurance protection are purchased based on a potential loss replacement calculation? In the event of the loss of your home due to fire or your automobile due to an accident, your goal should be to replace 100 percent of the value lost. Wouldn’t you wish for your family to receive your full replacement value when you die?

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Life Insurance 101: How to Find an Advisor You Trust

A life insurance agent plays a far greater role than just drawing up the paperwork for a plan of insurance. They’re responsible for guiding you through a process of understanding how the correct amount of coverage is determined to maximize the life you want for yourself today; and for you and your family into the unpredictable future. Life insurance provides certainty to uncertainty.

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Advisors Are Discovering Why Investments Don’t Hug

“Investments Don’t Hug” was written for the regular Mom and Dad to help them understand how to protect their family due to an unexpected death while also providing a way to safely save money for their future. As the author, I am moved and blessed when advisors from around the country reach out to me, thanking me for the completion of this project.

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Where is Your “Safe” Money?

If you needed a place to store your safe money while creating a safe haven for your family upon your death, do you want to gamble or to have a contract which spells out actual guarantees? Is your love of family worth a guarantee?

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How Life Insurance Protects Future Generations

Few areas of your life are affected by your decisions as much as your finances. The money choices you make affect your spouse and your children. Therefore, as you consider whether or not add to life insurance to your financial portfolio, you need to think about the financial implication on both sides of the coin.

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How to Talk to Your Clients About Life Insurance

Your clients are not purchasing life insurance for several reasons. First, they have other financial obligation that they deem more important. Second, they’re not making a lot of money. Third, they’re not convinced they need it. Last, they perceive that life insurance - like health, home, and auto insurance - is too expensive.

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