Megan’s Life Insurance Story


It’s a wonderful day and I am so blessed to have been invited. Here I am, waiting for the beginning of Megan’s wedding to her soon-to-be husband, Evan. I was introduced to Megan when she was only an infant, just one month old. She was tenderly held by her mother, while her father looked on, ever so proudly. This fleeting moment will be permanently etched into my mind, because it was also during that evening that I met Megan’s parents, Nancy and Todd, for the first time.

How could I have predicted the lasting impact we initiated together? How could I have seen the plan put into place during that first meeting playing out the way it did? Yet here I am, waiting to witness the vows, the promises the couple will recite to begin the love and honor they will commit to one another, until death eventually parts this young bride and groom.


It was 25 years ago that Megan’s parents made their own pledge to provide for one another and to care for their children, through the simple commitment of two life insurance contracts; covenants which were made between a husband and wife saying “I love you” now and forever, no matter what. That evening when we first met also became the evening that I would forever be a part of the continuing lives of this family.


The close relationships I’ve made with clients and their families over the years are by far the most cherished aspect of my decades-long career as a financial advisor and life insurance agent. As I sit with Megan’s extended family and friends, today is a day of celebration, but without the presence of her parents, who didn’t live to share this day with their daughter. Nancy passed when Megan was just a teen, and Todd only two years later.


No one knows how many chapters the book of life may hold; it simply plays out, no matter how prepared or unprepared we are. Remembering my two friends on this special wedding day, I am content to know that Nancy and Todd prepared well for one another and for their children.


Real Stories of Love, Loss, and Lasting Impact
“Isn’t life insurance planning for the old?” This is a question I’ve been asked many times as a financial advisor and life insurance agent. The short answer: No, it’s for all of us.


You’ll find the long answer within the pages of my first book, Investments Don't Hug: Embracing the Life Insurance Asset. These true stories of pain, anxiety, and joy illuminate why I focus on providing tools for my clients to take charge of their own lives for clarity, certainty, and financial security.

An old country song by Randy Travis’s says, “I’m going to love you forever and ever, Amen.”  His song doesn’t continue with the words, “Unless, you become ill and die, then all promises are off!” No, it says, “Forever and ever, Amen.” Properly planned life insurance can guarantee it.

–Mark Bertang


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