Sometimes negotiating life and death comes about very unexpectedly. It can happen in an instant. Recently, a client of mine unsuccessfully negotiated a curve late at night, on a lonely country road. That’s all it took.


After thirty years, I am still stunned by the fragility of human life. We all believe there will be time to say goodbye, before that final journey. Yet, often we are shocked by the immediacy of the moment. We didn’t see it coming; no one did. We didn’t have time to acknowledge our love. We didn’t have time to prepare. We didn’t have time to complete the tasks of our life.


During this past month, I have been touched by two unexpected deaths—a thirty-one year old and a fifty year old. Both deaths happened in an instant. In each case, I was the one who planned and initiated the life insurance for both of these individuals, years earlier.


Now, before either one of these families could call me, I reached out to them.


“I am so sorry” is all most of us can say to someone who has just lost a loved one. On the other hand, I continuously have the opportunity to see families through the process of keeping their lives financially intact. There is so much unexpected tragedy they need to deal with now, but money will not be one of the hardships. Life insurance will provide the needed resources at exactly the time when it’s needed most.


A life insurance policy is a ‘promise made.’ Completing a life insurance death claim is a ‘promise kept.’


A recent study from LIMRA finds that one in five households with children under the age of eighteen are uninsured. Many of those with insurance are often largely underinsured. The level of new life insurance policies has seen a downward trend in recent years while financial priorities for many families have centered upon paying off debt, saving for their children’s education or retirement planning. Unfortunately, many haven’t discussed the subject of security.


If a mom or dad are missing from this equation, what happens then to the debt, to the education or the retirement plan for the remaining spouse? They often unravel, since those dreams were never insured as ‘promises to be kept’.


A life insurance policy acts as a contract between the insured and the insurance company, but it’s actually a final love letter between the insured and the beneficiary – the mom, the dad, the husband, the wife and their children. It says I want you to have the security I tried so hard to provide while I was alive. It says that I’m still here providing my love and support. I’m able to continue to watch your back, because I had someone watching mine – with a life insurance policy.


There are those who believe you can relegate the drafting of a will to an online service. There are those who also believe you can properly establish an estate with an online insurance quote. Yet, would you want to have the lasting impact on your family created with a smartphone app or an online tool or would you rather have someone as your guide, who has walked this journey with countless families before?