Life insurance cannot replace you or your love. What life insurance can do, is to guarantee that the love you have for your family continues on, by providing your family with the life you wanted them to have. The life you would have provided, had you lived.


If you were to die expectedly today, how much of your income would you want to continue to your family; half of it or three-quarters of it? If you could provide all of your income for their future, wouldn’t you want to give them all of it? If you earn $50,000 annually and only have $500,000 of life insurance, isn’t that only replacing ten years of your income? Are you really planning on being dead for just ten years? How does that work?


What about inflation? If living, aren’t you expecting to receive a raise from your employer on a regular basis into the future? Wouldn’t you want your family to receive that same raise each year, even if you were to die? If you could have that, as part of your life insurance planning, wouldn’t you want that for your family as well?


What about your 401(k)? You already know the answer to this question, but I’ll pose it nonetheless. Upon your death, don’t all the contributions stop being made to your retirement plan? In addition, don’t all the future ‘matching’ contributions also stop being made into your retirement plan? If you could have those contributions continue as part of your life insurance planning, wouldn’t you want that to be part of it? Wouldn’t your spouse want that?


Since you left children behind, after your death, do you want your spouse to continue working long hours to make up the difference in the family’s needed income or would you want your spouse to have ‘the choice’ to slow down and possibly to not work at all, while your kids are dealing with an unexpected death and now a one parent household? What would you want for the ones you love; enough to survive or an amount equal to what you provided to your family prior to your death?


Do you want your family to continue living in the same house, would you want them to continuing living in the same neighborhood, would you want them to attend the same schools? Could they continue to live in the same house or would they be forced to downsize or even sell their home because of the lack of money? Do you love them enough to have them continue their same lives, they live after your death, the same as they lived before your death? Will you love them the amount ‘after’ your death, as ‘before’ your death?


With death, bills also arrive – medical bills from your illness, accident and death. There are lost wages from a lingering illness or hospitalization costs after an accident or simply the cost of what happens after death. Who pays for this? Your loved ones do. Do you want their last memory of you to be the bills or how you provided them with a continued life, keeping your family intact, not worrying about the money, but instead living the life you would have provided, had you lived?


Life insurance is for the living.



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