Your clients are not purchasing life insurance for several reasons. First, they have other financial obligation that they deem more important. Second, they’re not making a lot of money. Third, they’re not convinced they need it. Last, they perceive that life insurance - like health, home, and auto insurance - is too expensive.


Your ability to break through these objections and help your clients understand why life insurance is indeed vital to their financial well-being depends on more than sales techniques and fancy footwork. You must first approach every client with a sincere, caring heart, a listening ear, and an unabashed empathy for where they are at in their life.


Let’s face it. We all need life insurance - period. But how you communicate that need in a kind and caring manner, while firmly presenting the facts, will determine how each client responds to your message and whether they commit to purchasing a life insurance policy for their surviving family members upon their passing.

“They Don’t Know What They Don’t Know”

People rely on experts to have the answers; because, quite frankly, most people don’t have the answers, or they don’t care enough to find out. As an insurance agent, you play a central role in educating your clients on all things related to life insurance.


What information can you provide that helps the client commit to their financial security down the road?


●        How life insurance relieves spouses of significant financial pressure during perhaps the darkest period of their life - the loss of you.

●        Life insurance is affordable and will not kill a budget.

●        There is a life insurance plan available for your client’s particular life circumstances.

●        Life insurance can assist in continuing a company if your client is a business owner.


Your ability to communicate this information intelligently and thoroughly can impact a client’s decision making.

Get to Know Your Client

Ask yourself a simple question: When you meet with a client, who does most of the talking? Who asks all the questions? Who is the meeting about? While there’s no doubt that selling your product first means selling yourself, the client essentially wants to know if you are listening to their concerns, addressing their needs, and answering their questions.


Talking with your clients about life insurance is not so much an interview and a test of your salesmanship as it is creating a client profile in which you can match the right life insurance plan with their needs and desires.


Therefore, get to know your client. Ask a lot of questions that get to the heart of the matter. Listen as they talk about their worries, concerns, or fears. After all, they are getting ready to make a significant financial decision in their life. They need an agent who demonstrates authenticity and sincerity in taking care of them.

You Are the Authority on Life Insurance...So be One

When it comes to finding the truth about life insurance, the Internet is the Devil’s advocate. Every factual statement is convoluted by a whirlwind of competing statements that may or may not be true. Leading experts disagree on a wide range of issues. Those who are not experts in life insurance water the down the truth, present tainted information, or outright lie. It’s no wonder that insurance agents are treated with the same contempt as lawyers or wall street investors.


Consequently, it’s up to you to give your clients the facts about life insurance in an unadulterated manner. Today’s consumers have grown intolerant of false claims and stretched facts sugarcoated by marketing and sales tricks. They want straight answers.


Your ability to shoot straight and provide the most up-to-date analysis on life insurance in an honest manner will separate you from the pack of other agents who are more trained in sales techniques than they are in learning how to communicate thought-provoking information.


Do not be afraid to be the authority. But if you claim expertise, then make sure you are the expert. Know your facts, and don’t be afraid to share them with your clients. You will earn their trust and respect. You will also become a lifelong partner in their financial journey.

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