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From monthly archives: January 2019

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Advisors Are Discovering Why Investments Don’t Hug

“Investments Don’t Hug” was written for the regular Mom and Dad to help them understand how to protect their family due to an unexpected death while also providing a way to safely save money for their future. As the author, I am moved and blessed when advisors from around the country reach out to me, thanking me for the completion of this project.

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Where is Your “Safe” Money?

If you needed a place to store your safe money while creating a safe haven for your family upon your death, do you want to gamble or to have a contract which spells out actual guarantees? Is your love of family worth a guarantee?

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How Life Insurance Protects Future Generations

Few areas of your life are affected by your decisions as much as your finances. The money choices you make affect your spouse and your children. Therefore, as you consider whether or not add to life insurance to your financial portfolio, you need to think about the financial implication on both sides of the coin.

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