An Unremarkable Gall Bladder

There are times when some of us feel unwanted and unneeded.  I was reminded of this recently after visiting urgent care at one of our local clinics.  As I am writing this blog post, I am working my way through an episode of suffering through a kidney stone.  There are times that I don’t have any pain whatsoever, and there are other times that the pain really gets my attention.  The real story here today are the results that I had received from a CT scan while in the hospital for an examination to determine what was the cause of my lower back pain, and before I knew it was the result of a kidney stone, I received the results of my “My Care” app on my cell phone.  The doctor gave detailed explanations on how my lungs looked, my intestines, my liver, my pancreas, and he made one interesting note about my gall bladder.  He said, “the patient’s gall bladder was unremarkable.”  That made me think of a scripture verse many of us have read, written by St. Paul to the Corinthians.  At one point in time, he referred to the parts of the body, and that the hand can’t be the foot, and the eyes can’t be the ears, the ears can’t be eyes, and that they are all needed.  As I was thinking about my unremarkable gall bladder, I remembered that story.

How many times have we felt unremarkable?  How many times have we felt like we were not special?  How many times have we felt that other people we better than us?  Were more talented than us?  Were more outgoing than us?  More liked than us?  There are times like this when each one of us might consider ourselves to be unremarkable, but each part, each individual is important because each of us holds a very special purpose.  That’s why we are here.  Granted, the human body can survive without a gall bladder, but without it, the liver is working harder and is doing more than it needs to.  The human body was made to have a gall bladder, and even though it can survive without one, it would be sorely missed.

If you feel unappreciated today, maybe you are in the mood of feeling like a gall bladder that others might say is simply unremarkable, take this message to heart today.  You are special.  You serve a purpose.   There is a reason that you are here.  Make today the day that you will be a remarkable gall bladder in someone else’s life.

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