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Mark A. Bertrang, Author


Mark Bertrang, Author of Investments Don't Hug

Mark Bertrang’s collection of love stories are told through the words of husbands, wives, moms, dads and their families of how each was forever impacted by an act of love demonstrated through the simple purchase of a life insurance policy. Important lessons have been woven through these real-life stories. Life can sometimes be difficult, but a disciplined thoughtful approach may prepare you to preserve your family’s respect and dignity even during the most challenging circumstances.

The stories experienced through Mark Bertrang’s career share the pain, anxiety and the joy experienced by loved ones while illuminating the tools that can be used to take charge of your life for the certainty and security planned for yourself and those you love. As you read "Investments Don't Hug," its recommended to have a highlighter to mark important passages and a pen to make notes in the margins of its pages. It's also wise to have a box of tissues close by, as you pause to take in the emotional significance of this book's message, through tears you may experience.

An important virtue will come through loud and clear; expressing love for your spouse and love for your children by taking the important steps to insure that your love will continue on, by protecting and sheltering the lives of those you love from the financial losses that often occur by your own death. This journey takes you through the lives of couples and their families while providing gentle lessons on how life insurance actually works, how much you may want to own and what type you may wish to purchase.

As a professional communicator, broadcasting was Mark Bertrang's first career, but for more than a generation Mark has communicated the message of financial security. Engaging audiences at financial conferences and industry meetings throughout the country provides an outlet to share his passionate message. His desire is for all advisors to serve their clients with this same passion, gentleness and care.

Bertrang believes centering on a person's values, passions, and fears is often the most important part of achieving measurable success for families. It is Bertrang's belief that the life insurance contract is a 'love covenant' put into a written document that allows your love to act as the foundation to continue on beyond death.

Many people are confused about the jargon of term insurance or whole life insurance. It can all seem so confusing. Through stories and analogies, Mark Bertrang explains these terms and concepts in laymen's terms.

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