Are You on track?

Are you on track? I have seen it happen, time and time again. With over 35 years of wisdom, I have seen inflation go up, and I’ve seen inflation go down. I’ve seen the market go up. I’ve seen the market go down. I’ve seen it go sideways. I’ve seen people petrified that their 401ks have decreased in value up to 20..., 30..golly in 2008 it was down 50%. I have seen “derailments” in people’s lives.

Yet, I have one segment of clients that never have felt derailed. Those are clients that have used the life insurance asset as a place to store their safe money. It has been the armory that has protected them against bad times. When everything else seems to go down it seems to be the one thing that continues to go up and up and up, again and again and again. Not spectacular rates of return like 10 or 20%, but consistency over the long-term. None of these clients have ever seen a down-turn in their values because of the contractual guarantees that are built in to their whole life insurance portfolio.

This is where I store my safe money. Money that I may call upon when I’m in need or when I am in an opportunity. In need would mean in the need for an emergency fund. Opportunity is when an opportunity might come my way regarding real estate or business or other ways to be able to put my money to work for me to build my own individual wealth. That is the mindset that a person should use when they own a portfolio of whole life insurance contracts. Contracts that have internal guarantees documented right inside the policy.

If you want to learn more about the life insurance asset, consider buying my book Investments Don’t Hug: Embracing the Life Insurance Asset. You can get it from Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, iTunes, or Audible. If you are ready because you’ve seen enough of the bad stuff and you’ve heard and seen enough of the bad news and you are ready to look at part of your portfolio to go in to a life insurance asset, you can explore more about us on the web at Maybe it’s time for you and I to get on the train together and think about no more derailments in your life. 

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