Building Your Happiness

Does the price of gasoline going up or down daily at Kwik Trip or your local gas station dictate your mood for the day? If you are listening to news on the radio, does the Dow, S&P, or Nasdaq being high or low control your happiness? If you are watching CNBC hour by hour, minute by minute, does what they are discussing affect how well your day goes? If you have been in to our lobby, you can see that up on the wall we have CNBC playing on the television, but here’s a secret: we seldom ever watch it.

We don’t bother focusing on the minute by minute, hour by hour, or even day by day gyrations of the market. Instead, we focus in on your life. Your life is going to be long-term: 20, 30, 40, years and longer. We focus on the happiness of your life. We focus on making sure that you are protected against the bad things that can happen in your life. We approach these endeavors mathematically, methodically, not with in-the-moment emotional responses, because emotions lead you to CNBCs view of the world or the gas prices roller coaster.  Are you a fan or a victim of CNBC? If you are a fan, you probably spend half the time being a CNBC victim.

Should the daily numbers on the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, or S&P 500 really affect your overall happiness? Focus on your long-term goals: where you are today, where you would like to be, and what you would like your journey to be like along the way. If you’re ready to push away the emotional roller coasters and to live your life with an open mind to the possibilities and opportunities around you, contact us. Don’t focus on the negative things that proliferate our phones, our desktops, and sometimes our conversations with family and friends. Let other people worry about all the worries of the world. Instead, let’s just focus on you and your life.

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