Bumps in the Road

Let me speak with you today about “bumps in the road.” We would like life to just be smooth, without any bumps in the road. We would love for things to go uninterrupted. We would love to go through life with things going as planned, without anything that would cause us to take a detour, or without things happening along the way that would make us stop and pause. Things that go off into a direction that we hadn’t expected. But there are often times bumps in the road.


Today my bump in the road is: last night I received a telephone call from an individual who had attended a wedding that I also attended over the weekend. This person called and said, “I just wanted to let you know that I have been diagnosed with COVID-19. The Delta variant. And I wanted you to know because you and I were in close proximity to one another over the course of this wedding that we attended together.” So, for me it’s a bump in the road. A little bump, but a bump none the less.


It’s been almost a year since I have worked virtually, offsite, through my office, but visiting with clients 100% virtually. It’s been wonderful to be back into the office. To be able to see people’s eyes face to face. To be able to see their smiles and for many to be able to give them an embrace, but for the next few days I now have a bump in the road. A bump in the road because the CDC says that I should probably just wait and find out in the next few days, by having a test to see, if I indeed am COVID-free or if I might have COVID. But again, it’s just a bump in the road.


Unfortunately, there are bumps in the road that many people have during their life which are more than just a bump. Sometimes it’s a cavern. Sometime it’s a canyon. Because there are things that can happen during our life that can affect us in great ways. Sickness. Disability. Death. All of those things that I talk about in my book Investments Don’t Hug: Embracing the Life Insurance Asset.


Have you considered the bumps in the road that could come your way? Have you considered those things that could be greatly diminishing your opportunity to be able to build wealth? Be able to have security for your family? For your loved ones? Even for yourself? Little bumps in the road can make huge differences in our life. So, when I wrote Investments Don’t Hug: Embracing the Life Insurance Asset, it was specifically centered around love stories of families and individuals and the impact that they were making. Not only in their lives, but in the lives of others, and how little bumps in the road caused huge changes in their life.


Today is the day to plan. Today is the day to educate yourself on the opportunities to be able to take care of those unexpected bumps in the road. If you haven’t, today might be the day for you to go to Amazon or to go to Audible and to look up my book Investments Don’t Hug: Embracing the Life Insurance Asset. If you would like additional information, just comb through my entire book website at Let’s you and I together take care of those “bumps in the road.”  

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