Celebrations, Flowers, & The Life Insurance Asset

I wanted to make certain that there was a good setup to today’s blog and video podcast; so, I am in the back room of Flowers by Guenthers on Sand Lake Road in Onalaska, WI. I decided that this would be a great spot to talk about flowers, to talk about celebrations, and to talk about celebrations of one’s life. The celebration of one’s life begins at the very beginning, at birth. There are flowers that are given. There are flowers that are given to confirmation, baptisms, and graduations. There are flowers that are given during proms. There are flowers given during engagements and during weddings. There are flowers given during anniversaries, birthdays, and celebrations during a person’s life. Lastly, there are flowers given to remember people at the last part of their life, during the funerals and the celebrations of life for the last part of a one’s lifetime.

Flowers are part of our every day occurrence and celebrations that we have during our lives and that’s why it’s so important to consider reading my book Investments Don’t Hug: Embracing the Life Insurance Asset.  Even though people think about death benefits as negative things; death benefits as sad things. If you read my book, you will read the stories of peoples’ lives. The celebrations of peoples’ lives going from birth to death, and everything in between and how the amazing asset, the life insurance asset, can play an important part of that life.

I like to think about life. I like to think about the celebrations. I like to think about how we can make life better. That’s one of the parts people tend to forget. We’re all told to have an emergency fund: to make certain that we have cash for when there is an emergency in our lives that money is going to be available. We are also taught to be able to have money available when there is a unique opportunity that might come our way.

Those that have the money can make things happen. Where do you have your money? Is it someplace safe? Someplace sound? Someplace secure? Someplace liquid? Is there a place that you stash your cash that’s not locked into a plan that you can’t touch until you’re 59 ½ or until you’re old and crippled? Live your life to the fullest. Think of it as a bouquet of flowers. Consider this to be the day that you purchase my book either on Audible or Amazon or Barnes and Nobles, or explore our website to learn more at


Why not do something special today for someone you love? Think about getting a bouquet of flowers.

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