Don’t be stuck with a landline phone

I was the very first person in my family to actually buy a telephone.  In the early 1980’s it finally became available that plain old customers, you and I, could go out and purchase a telephone.  Prior to the deregulation of Ma Bell, which it was once referred to, you could not legally buy a telephone.  The telephone was always owned by the telephone company.  What you did each and every month was rent a telephone.  I know that just sounds crazy.  In fact, when I bought my very first telephone, I’ll never forget; it was my very first job.  I was living in Fairmont, Minnesota.  I had to go to the telephone company, and they allowed me to actually buy the phone.  I had a choice of two colors:  I could buy either a black phone or a dark brown phone.  That was my only choice.  What’s really interesting, my son, who is in his late 20’s, loves vintage items, so one of the things that I have, is actually his, is this old rotary dial phone.  In fact, the phone that I had was exactly the same, except it was dark brown. 

What I want you to think about is how long it took for us to make a telephone call.  You have to put the receiver on your shoulder, then dial a number.  With today’s phone, I can just press a button.  It’s already pre-programmed and will contact someone immediately.  With the rotary phone, when dialing the phone, I have to roll each of the numbers separately on the dial, which takes several seconds, then wait for the ring before someone answers.  The interesting thing about these phones is that the receiver needs to be placed in the cradle.  Anybody under the age of 50 might not know it’s called a cradle.  The phone also had to be connected to the wall.  That was my lifeline.

Why am I talking about landlines in relationship to the phones we have nowadays?  It all gets down to owning the life insurance asset, which I talk about in my book, Investment’s Don’t Hug – Embracing the Life Insurance Asset.  During all the cyber-selling right now and buying, this is something that you should attend to get this for your family.  Get this for yourself, through Amazon.

The reason I talk about this is because the life insurance asset was put together, not so we could live our lives today and freeze them, but in the event of an early death that your family could stay where they are.  The goal is to implement the life insurance asset to make certain that all their dreams and wishes, and future wants and needs are taken care of; that they are planned ahead.  Had I planned my life when I was in my 20’s at my first job in Fairmont, MN, and if I had planned according to that plan of action, the equivalent of a rotary phone is what my family would be living with today because I was not thinking at that time how I needed to plan ahead for things that had not been invented yet.  My family would have been frozen in the 1980’s.

When I see often times where a person might have a couple hundred thousand dollars-worth of life insurance, and maybe a couple hundred thousand on their spouse, I’m thinking “my gosh” these people are not thinking of being dead very long because it only gets them a few years, and still freeze them in time. 

You should be thinking of your life insurance like you would your home insurance.  If my home burns to the ground, I want the value of my home back no matter how much it costs to replace it.  I want the same materials.  I want the same sized rooms.  I want what I had.  I don’t want something that is going to be smaller.  I don’t want something that is going to be significantly less.  I go step by step with my book, Investment’s Don’t Hug – Embracing the Life Insurance Asset.  There are parts of this book, which I call this a book of love stories, but I want to teach you along the way as well.  We begin with a love story, another, and yet another, then I use another chapter to talk about instructional information.  How does this product work?  How can you implement this in your life?  Then, another love story, and another love story, then more knowledge, then another love story, then another love story.  The love stories keep you going but along the way it also teaches you through the use of real love stories; people I have known, people I have laughed together with, cried together with; real stories on how their lives played out because they owned the life insurance asset or perhaps because they didn’t own it. 

So, live today.  Plan for today.  Make certain you have tools like a cell phone.  Do not be stuck where your family will be living with a landline and a rotary phone.  That’s a difference on the proper implementation.  If you haven’t, for this Christmas, this is the time to be reading my book right now.  Go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ITunes, or Audible and get your copy while it’s still available way before Christmas:  Investment’s Don’t Hug – Embracing the Life Insurance Asset. 

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