Icy Conditions


Earlier this morning, I received a text from one of our team members. What it said was, “Dad Duty calls this morning. My oldest has slid off the road in the ice up here on the way to school and I have a tow truck coming, but it’s running a little bit behind.” I replied, “And So goes life for dads.”


I remember when my oldest was learning how to drive. You would be out and about trying to show them the rules of the road and life is not always a situation where you have dry payment. Where you can get into trouble is when things are unusual, or when you have not yet experienced certain things before. I remember two different driving occasions with my daughter. The first one, I believe it was a January or February when the temperature was right around 32 degrees, and we were on a highway near our home. As we’re going down the highway, a pickup truck barreled past us on the left. I very quickly turned to my daughter and told her that that pickup truck was going to end up in the ditch within about the next 15 seconds.  Lo and behold right before our eyes this pickup truck hit a piece of ice, spun around, and went down an embankment of probably 20-25 feet. No one appeared to be injured, but my daughter turned to me and wanted to know how I knew that was going to happen. It’s because of experience, because I knew that there were icy conditions. I knew that this was a rear-wheel drive vehicle, and I knew that the bed was empty. There was no weight there and because the person was driving faster than the conditions warranted, they were going to end up in the ditch. Lo and behold, they ended up in the ditch. That made a huge impression on my daughter.


On another occasion, my daughter was in the driver’s seat. I was the passenger seat, and this was probably when she was only 15 years of age. This was a decade and a half ago now. We were at a stop sign, and I told her to let that car on the other side of the road turn first. She asked why because she believed that we had the right of way. I told her because they are not going to turn in the direction that their blinker is indicating. So, she held her spot and even though the blinker indicated that they were going to turn to the right. Instead, the driver turned to the left and my daughter asked again how I knew that was going to happen. I told her you have to look beyond just the car. You have to look at what’s happening inside the car. The blinker was saying they were going to take a right, but I was looking inside the car, and the car was filled with five teenage girls, and they were not really paying attention to what was going on because they were talking back and forth. More importantly, I was looking at the driver, and I was looking at the driver’s eyes, and her eyes indicated she was going to turn to the left. The driver did exactly the opposite of what she had indicated with her blinker. Again, my daughter thought I must be able to read minds. No, I’m not able to read minds, but experience has taught me that there are certain conditions and certain things that you should be looking for when it comes to driving.


How does this come into play with the life insurance asset? I recently had the opportunity to meet with a state representative who sits on the insurance committee for our state. I was hoping to enhance a bill in our legislature to make the life insurance asset even better, and this is a person who obviously is very smart. This is an attorney. This is a person who has more knowledge than I do in certain matters, obviously legal matters, obviously political matters, but I bring to the table a unique perspective because of the history that I have. So, when I had an opportunity to sit down with coffee and speak with my local representative, I was able to provide some insight because of the generation of knowledge and experience that I have. Knowledge on how, not only the contracts are constructed, but how the life insurance asset works in the lives of individuals, families, and companies. When a person believes that it’s just price or it’s just protection, that’s wrong, there’s so much more involved. Otherwise, like with driving, we would say that nobody needs a license, nobody needs the experience, nobody needs the wisdom to be able to drive from Point A to point B. Instead, it’s the experience that you’ve had through the years to know how this works.


This is why if you have the opportunity to purchase my book or to listen to the audio-version, you should. It’s available online, Investment’s Don’t Hug: Embracing the Life Insurance Asset.  It will give you the instruction manual on how the product works, and what it can do for you, for your family, and for your business. Then, when it comes time that you need someone on your side, you need a team that has the experience, that has the knowledge and also has wisdom that has been earned through the years, reach out to our office. There’s practically nothing that we have not already experienced through our firm. If you want to connect in the new year, it’s time to make a difference in your life and in your family’s life. So, when you’re ready to press Go, or Start, like the engine of your car, contact our office.

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