Improve your life for 2020

This is the time of the year that people talk about resolutions.  Here is a perfect example of how it usually plays out.  They talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.  What they really need to be doing is to do.  You probably have already failed on some of your resolutions. 

Here is a simple way to be more successful:  for the end of the year, I put together a one-year planner.  A one-year planner that I received through the Strategic Coach program.  I think this is a good system in implementing those things that you wish to accomplish over the course of the year. 

First of all, on a simple piece of legal sized paper, write down five critical one-year goals.  They could be health, to improve yourself educationally or mentally.  They could be improving relationships with family, with friends.  They could be growing in your faith, in kindness, in caring.  It could be growth in business: what you plan to do regarding delegation or how you wish to improve business. 

Then under each one of these items, list why is that goal important.  Why is it important to have improved health?  Why is it important to improve yourself both mentally and educationally?  Why is it important to improve your relationships with your family, with your friends?  Why is it important to grow in your faith?  Why is it important to grow in business? 

And then, put together alongside each of those what your first quarter goal is.  For instance, if you are looking at improving your health, you have already listed why it is important because you only have one body.  You only have a chance to do this one time and to do it well.  What is the goal?  Maybe the goal is to walk so many miles per day or to exercise so many times per week.  Maybe it’s to eat a healthier diet.  Maybe it’s not eating in front a TV.  Maybe it’s not eating in your car as you have gone through a drive thru.  What are your goals as far as improving yourself mentally, educationally, with family and friend realtionships, or the growth of your business?   

This is a three step approach:  What are your goals, why is that particular goal important, and what is your goal for the first quarter, not for the year but for the first quarter to be able to make those goals a reality.

Instead of talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talking, it’s time to DO!  One of the things I want you to consider as you are beginning the new year, think about the security of yourself.  Think about the security of your family.  Think about establishing an emergency fund.  Think about establishing an opportunity fund.  One of the ways to figure out how to do that, and to give you an owner’s manual, may I suggest that you order my book today – “Investments Don’t Hug - Embracing the Life Insurance Asset” available through Amazon and also on Audible.  If you get the book, which I highly recommend, get a highlighter, get a pen so you can write notes as you go, so you can improve upon your life for 2020.

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