Is it Either/Or?

Life.  How do you prepare for life when you know very little?  As far as where it will eventually take you?  When you are young, before the gray hair, before the wrinkles, or the responsibilities before knowing what your life will bring you, before knowing your occupation may be, what your career may hold – how do you prepare?

Many times, people make the election that it is an “either/or”.  I can “either” do this “or” I can do that.  By doing this today, I won’t be able to do that tomorrow.  Or, by planning for “that” tomorrow, I can do this today.  It becomes an either/or.  Do I have an emergency fund?  Do I put money away for an opportunity that might be there?  Or do I spend those resources to be able to enjoy myself today?  It’s an either/or, when it can really be an “and”.  A-N-D.  I can do the things that I wish to do today, but I can also do those things that I plan to do tomorrow. 

A couple visited me in my office recently.  It was just last May that they spent three weeks in Europe, enjoying their company, visiting family and friends.   It was just last week that they arrived in my office, one in a wheelchair having struggled through cancer that had just abruptly entered their life, and now with a terminal expectation of just 3-5 months remaining in their life; a person of working age.   It’s not an either/or, it’s an “and”.  A-N-D. 

If you could plan for both, wouldn’t you like to have the opportunity to do that?  Stories like that are described in my book “Investments Don’t Hug – Embracing the Life Insurance Asset” available on or or on I-Tunes.   You can check it out on our website  

Look at the “and” asset that would also provide emergency funds, that would also provide opportunity funds, security and hope, and an option to be able to live today yet plan for tomorrow.    

I’m Mark Bertrang, author of “Investments Don’t Hug – Embracing the Life Insurance Asset”.

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