Money – The lifeblood of living

Today, I gave blood.  Blood is an interesting thing.  We all need it.  We all use it.  Life would not continue on without it, yet it is something that we can give.  Money works very much the same way.  We need it.  We need it, often times for our very survival, but we can also give it.  Let me leave with you with this thought today.  There have been some people out of work, some whose jobs shut down for an extended period of time because of the Corona virus.  Perhaps life has been ok for you financially.  So now that the economy is starting to move once more, perhaps giving, like giving blood, would be a smart thing to do.  You probably wouldn’t give all your blood, if it was needed because obviously you need blood to live, but if you had the opportunity, and you were healthy, would you give blood to someone else so their life could be extended?  Maybe now that we are getting back to work it means a tip or a much larger tip to the person who is doing your hair.  Maybe it means a tip or a much larger tip to the person who is waiting on your table.  Maybe it means a tip or a much larger tip to the person who is providing an important service for you.  Just like giving blood to be able to extend someone else’s life, to be able to give them hope for the future.  Maybe today is the day when you have a service or a product, especially a service or product you make with a local business person, someone perhaps on the front lines.  Perhaps this is the day that you share, and then regarding your own money.  Perhaps it’s also the time, just like when you give blood, to test it.  Whenever I give blood, one of the things I am most fascinated about is how everyone’s blood is testing for so many potential diseases and flu bugs, I’m surprised how well the system is set up to make sure that the blood that people receive is as clean and as pure as possible. 

What are you doing for your life blood; for your financial situation?  Have you put into place the right kind of planning so you have an emergency fund next time?  So you have an opportunity fund in the event a great opportunity comes along and you have cash?  Where do you store your safe money?  One of the places that can be stored is inside a whole life insurance policy issued by a mutual life insurance company.  It can be safe, sound, secure.  It can have guarantees.  It can potentially protect you in the event of a disability due to an accident, due to an injury, due to an illness to make certain that that money will see you through into the future.  It also has the opportunity that if for some reason you are not able to see it through because your life ends unexpectedly, you have set something up for your family, your loved ones, that will see them through. 

Are you testing how you handle your money?  Just like today, the reminder that I had that blood keeps us alive, money keeps us alive.  Blood should be tested.  Money, options, and strategies should be tested, and there are times that blood needs to be given and donated away to someone else, and money likewise should be given away and donated to someone else.  Thoughts today, on the day I gave blood.

Thank you so much for your time today.  Stay well.



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