Old Mutual Whole Life Insurance Companies

Old mutual whole life insurance companies – that’s where I put my trust in.  A lot of people put their trust in the newest stocks, newest bonds, newest opportunities, newest venture capital, but when I’m looking at my safe money – money that I need to rely on, I like old mutual whole life insurance companies.  Why?  Because this pandemic is not the first pandemic that they went through.  If you look at old mutual whole life insurance companies, the vast majorities of them were in existence during the very last pandemic, which was over 100 years ago.  They have paid dividends on a consistent basis.  They have actually built the United States of America.  This is where the money was held to actually build America.  Old mutual whole life insurance companies.

When I started my career back in the late 1980’s, I made sure that when I spoke with clients, we not only looked at the future for opportunities, which might have included things along the investment spectrum, but we always made sure that we started that individual with a safe place to place their money.  When I look at the clients over the year that have done as we suggested, they not only had three months of income available to them during times of emergency, as we are going through right now.  They not only had six months of income that was safe and sound and secure in the event of an emergencies, like we are living through right now.  Not nine months, but a year or more.  Think of the calmness that would enter your life if you knew that you had a year’s worth or more income available in your life that was safe and sound for emergencies like we have right now – in a safe, sound, old mutual whole life insurance company.  Yes, that money is available for opportunities, but in times like this, it’s available for emergencies.  It is the bedrock of what built the United States.  It can be the bedrock of your own financial life. 

For more information, consider my book, downloadable on Audible, on ITunes, but also through Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Get the book.  Read the book.  Highlight the book.  Make notes in the book.  To find out how this can work for you – an old mutual whole life insurance company and the life insurance asset they may have available for you to grow your opportunity fund; your emergency fund for you and your family.





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