Planting your seed in good soil

We have all heard the bible story about the farmer that was planting seed.  Some of it he planted on a path, and it was trampled underfoot.  Part of it was planted in amongst the weeds, and it was mixed in with the weeds.  Part of it amongst the thorns and brush, and it was choked up.  And then there was seed planted in the good soil.  So, here’s the question I want you to be thinking about today.  Are you planting your seed in the good soil?  The seed of your time, of your energy, the seed of your wisdom, and your knowledge, and your experience – where are you planting that seed.  Or are you like some people that you never get around to planting your seed?  Maybe that’s the story?  You have to take the seed.  You have to get ready. 

This last weekend I spent some time seeding an area that was disturbed last year, and we had some beautiful vegetation that was there, but because of some work that was done around this particular area, everything had been torn up, and now it was basically just blank dirt; in fact, mainly sandy dirt.  There were rocks to be picked up.  There were roots that needed to be cut out.  It needed to be prepared, so I spent some of my day on Saturday preparing the soil with a rake, sometimes on my knees picking out stones and throwing them away, and then taking three pounds of wild flower seed and broadcast spreading them all around where I had the massive bare patch of dirt.  It was seed that I had ordered special just for this one spot.  In fact, I had just gotten it on the previous Friday.  FedEx Ground had delivered it to my house.  I had ordered it several months ago, but because of the pandemic, I wondered if I was ever going to be getting it because it seemed like it was taking longer, and longer, and longer, but I finally had that seed.  I had to go through the work first.  I couldn’t just spread it out.  I had to prepare where it needed to go. 

And what are you doing today to prepare the seed that you have; the knowledge, the experience, your wisdom.  How are you preparing it?  Where are you spending that time?  Is it going to be fruitful?  Or is it going to be choked out?  Make a difference today.  Make a difference in other people’s lives.  I’m looking at some tasks I am going to be doing first thing this morning.  I have three thank you notes that I’m going to be writing this morning, just to make an impact on other people’s lives, and that fruit will come back to me one way or another, either because of appreciation or I might get a phone call back, but even if I don’t get anything at all, it’s planting a seed elsewhere so it can make an impact elsewhere.  What kind of seeds are you planting today?  And are you planting it in good soil? 

So, that’s the message for today.  Take your seed, plant it in good soil, nurture it, and allow it to grow.

Thank you, and be well.


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