Spring Ahead, Fall Back

Spring ahead, fall behind.  It’s easy with a watch; not so with real life. 

There are times that I think we all wish we could spring ahead of something bad that’s happening in our lives.  I think there are times that we wish that we could fall back and correct some mistakes, some things that we should not have done, or perhaps that we should have done along the way that we didn’t.

I think of that as I review many of the chapters in my book, Investments Don’t Hug: Embracing the Life Insurance Asset.  This last week I was in front of this very computer looking at some reports from an insurance company that we work through her at our office, and I noted that there were two pending death claims.  In the life insurance business, even though we can talk about cash that builds up that’s available for emergencies and opportunities for security for those wonderful things that you can take advantage of while you are living, and the planning that can go into that, that can dramatically change your life and give you a sense of comfort, and security, and wealth.  At the end of the day, life insurance, if properly put together, not the kind of life insurance you own 10 years and then it’s gone, or 20 years and then it’s gone, but the type that will stay with you for your entire life. 

I was looking online at this company website, and again I noticed two pending death claims over the course of just the last month, deaths that had occurred.  One death, well into the person’s 70’s, another as a person was just entering their 20’s.  If you could just spring ahead and get through the difficult times.  If you could just fall behind, and make the choices that you should have made, making sure that the security was there; that you were prepared.  We always like to think that the best is going to happen in our lives, and often times, most of the time, the best does happen, but to properly prepare, you have to plan for the bad things that can happen along the way; the unpredictable.  The thing is one day everything is going along smoothly, and the next day it comes to a dead stop.  Planning in this case as I had done two decades earlier, I had done the right thing because I made the suggestion that this was a good thing to do.  My clients also acted in the capacity of doing the right thing – initiating the right thing, completing the right thing, so that no matter what would happen in the future, and the future 20 years ago is now, and what we implemented is passing through exactly as promised.  Promises kept.

So as you are looking at changing the time on your watch, on your clocks, on the dashboard of your car, think of springing ahead, falling behind, and can you make a change in your life that can affect more than just time.

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