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Good Morning – I’m Mark Bertrang, the author of “Investments Don’t Hug – Embracing the Life Insurance Asset.”  I am coming to you today from the studio here at Bertrang Financial.  The reason I’m coming to you today from our studio, which is well hidden from clients, is I wanted to show you and talk about the concepts of preparation, especially during times like this when we are in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Things are difficult for people to plan.  It’s difficult for people to have ever have put this into their strategy.  What I have here is something that we added into our system of heating and air conditioning this year.  You can see (pointing to a device on the furnace in the basement of the office) a UV light, which was installed into our furnace, our air ducts to help with eliminating the Covid-19 virus along with an ionized filter.  In fact, when we visited with the people who had suggestions on filtration systems, there were two different systems that worked two different ways, and both of them were at a 90% efficiency.  Well, 90% isn’t enough if you have a 10% chance of Covid-19 or other ailments passing through your air ducts.  By having two systems, we are able to get to near 99% efficiency between the ionization and also the UV light. 

We are not having clients at our office right now.  In fact, we primarily work virtually, which we have done over the course of the last 15 years.  For the last 15 years, we have worked with clients, some of which we have never met face to face.  It’s important to realize that we can always work that way.  We are trying to keep ourselves safe, and trying to keep you safe as well. 

The thrust of our visit today is basically the plan of what are you doing to prepare for your future?  What are the strategies that you are using to make sure that you are protected, your family is protected, and this is when we have the conversation of the unique asset of life insurance that I talk of in great detail in my book: “Investments Don’t Hug – Embracing the Life Insurance Asset.” 

There are many assets that a person can purchase.  There are many assets that a person can use during their lifetime.  But the question is, what is the go-to thing that will make certain that there is no chink in your armor that will make sure that there is a moat around your castle.  What are the assets that can guarantee security, that can provide you with the liquidity that you may need in the event of an emergency or in the event of an opportunity that comes your way.  There is an asset that I have learned over the period of the last generation, over 30 years, that time and time again that works out for the benefit of me and my clients as well.

As we are taking a look through the lower lever today (referencing the basement of the building) at the Bertrang Financial Corporation studio, I want you to be thinking about purchasing my book if you have not done so yet.  It’s a book that can give you details, chapter by chapter, with real stories - real love stories – from husbands and wives, and moms and dads as far as how this asset can work in your life.

Take the time today.  Make the plans.  Use the strategies that I have outlined in my book.  Today is the day to be able to make that difference in your life.

Thank you so much for your time, and have a wonderful week!

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