The Unknown

Good Morning!  And how are you spending your day?

So, today is Tuesday, March 31st.  I got up as usual at 5:00 in the morning, I worked out on the treadmill, had my morning coffee, read my morning paper, and then I was into daily tasks.  I cleaned the fireplace, brought in some more fire wood.  I vacuumed the family room, the kitchen.  I made a salad that I’m going to be having for lunch later on today.  I did some dishes. I paid a bill.  Those are the things that I did first thing this morning.  If you are at home, you are probably thinking that’s probably something I can get to later on in the day, but what I suggest is what you do first thing in the morning will make the biggest impact for the rest of your day.  What I find is if I wait to do the tasks, sometimes I just never get to the tasks because I can do them later in the day, I can do them tomorrow, and if I am stuck at home, I can do it, maybe a week or month to do these tasks.  So, liven up and try to do tasks first thing in the morning.

One of the things that I do first thing in the morning is, I journal.  Today, as I do each and every day, I think about what am I going to journal about?  Typically, something comes to mind and from that statement sometimes comes the idea that I want to reflect on.  Mom would probably say it best – she would say:  Count your blessings.  Lately during worship time at church, our Pastor has been discussing gratitude.  I think that this comes into play, and hopefully this can be a blessing to you.  Here’s a task that I would ask you to do and share it with others on whatever social media that you have.  If you wish, share this YouTube, and maybe this will inspire others this line of reasoning.  We can worry about what we don’t know, and in today’s world, there is a lot that we don’t know.  Let’s think of a list of things that we do know. 

So, I would just like to read from my journal today – The Unknown.  How do you face the unknown?  You face it with the known.  I know I’m going to be OK today.  I know that I have food to eat.  I know that I have a warm bed to sleep in.  I know that I have a loving spouse.  I know that my children are safe.  I know that I have friends who care for me.  I know that I have great staff at my office.  I know that I have an extended faith community.  I know that I have faith in God.  I know that God loves me and loves all.  I know that today will be fruitful if I choose to make it fruitful.  I know that the world has seen difficult times before, and it will seek difficult times again.  I know I can choose my attitude today no matter what happens around me.  I know that my day will be a success if I help others and not focus on myself.  I know what I know so I will not worry about what I cannot control.  I will not focus on the unknown.

I hope that this has been a blessing to you today, and I hope that you can share with others.

Be well.  Thank you.    

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