What are you posting?

The fact that you are online watching this video proves the fact you probably spend some time online also creating posts.  Posts on LinkedIn.  Posts on Instagram.  Posts on Facebook.  People are posting online all the time, but maybe what they should really be thinking about is using a post-em note. 

Here’s the example that I would like to share with you today.  Most recently, I had an opportunity to visit with a couple nearing 70 years of age.  During the course of regular conversation, I asked when was the last time you updated your will?  Mind you, these are people nearing 70 years of age so they have adult children.  Embarrassingly they looked at me and said, “we’ve never gotten around to having a will drafted.”  Plenty of time to worry about “posts” of the world, but perhaps what they really need to have done for years, and years, and years is to take a post-em note and writing “Complete our will.” 

The reasons that people decide not to plan for their future, not to plan for their own security, for their family’s security is they typically don’t know what is involved.  They don’t know the decisions that need to be made.  They have never really thought about how do we plan for the future.  How do we plan for the unknown?  If I may, I recommend today using a post-em note, and on that post-em note saying to yourself that you will go out and purchase, either online on audible, I-tunes, or, my book “Investments Don’t Hug – Embracing the Life Insurance Asset”.  These are really stories, real families, real things that have occurred during my career that can express how to go through that decision-making process.

To find out more about my book, simply go to my website 

So today instead of making posts on social media, today is your day to take a post-em note and to write yourself a note to get my book, and then make an appointment with the proper professional to take charge of your life, and for your family’s security.

I’m Mark Bertrang, author of “Investments Don’t Hug – Embracing the Life Insurance Asset”.

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