What Haunts you?


I was at the La Crosse Regional Airport waiting for my flight to Chicago for meetings this week, and I wanted to share a personal conversation that I had earlier that morning with someone who works in the medical field.


I asked them to tell me about something that haunts them. She drew back and gasped as she told me the story of lifting an infant child out of a car from a horrific traffic accident. She looked at the eyes of the mother and realized the mother would not live through the accident. She said she will remember for the rest of her life the look in those eyes.


Because our lives are so fragile, we really don’t know when our life will end. Will it end at an old age? Will it end at a young age? Will it be long and drawn out? Will it happen abruptly? We simply don’t know. For that reason, we have to be prepared.


I think of this young child that will never know their mother. I think about the eyes of that mother reflecting the hopes, the dreams, the fears, the uncertainty, not only for her own life, but for the life of her family. I'm sure all those things were coming to bear all at one time for her. This is just one of the reasons why I am such a staunch, strong believer in the life insurance asset. At that moment when you’re gone, there is no time left for your 401(k) to grow. There is no time left to begin a college fund. There is no time left to put together investment planning. There is no time left to pay your mortgage off. You may have wanted all those things, and the house to be free and clear for your spouse, but there is no time.


The life insurance assets allow you to have a plan in effect that everything is taken care of in a moment’s notice. Everything happens at the exact time when you are most in need of fulfilling the hopes and dreams that you wanted for your children, spouse, and family. That’s the magical thing that the life insurance asset does. It literally creates your estate at the very moment it is needed most.


I don’t mean to talk about sad, heart wrenching things today. But, at the end of the day, we’re all going to be on our last plane ride in the sky someday. We might not be coming home. We might be leaving our home getting into a car like that young mother, and we might not be coming home. We might get a prognosis from a doctor, and we might not be coming home.


We might also live a long and enduring life! At the end of my life, I want all of the value of everything that I have created financially to be passed on to my loved ones in addition to my memories, in addition to my values, and in addition to my character. Those are all things that I want my family to inherit. It is so much easier to leave them with memories and values when they are in a position where they don’t have to worry about finding money to live day-to-day. This lets them embrace your memory and not have to think about what little was left behind to keep their lives intact.


What haunts you? Is This what you want haunting you or your family after you’re gone? This is what will haunt this medical professional for the rest of her life: the look in that mother’s eyes. Do what you should do for yourself. Do what you should do for your family, for your children, for your spouse. Today is the day to reach out to me and my team!

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