You are your family’s Kobe Bryant


Good Morning!  I’m just getting started this early morning hour in the downtown Salt Lake City Holiday Inn Express.  I just came up from downstairs, where I got my early morning coffee, a little bit of breakfast, and a USA Today.  I’m here in Salt Lake City attending a Truth Concepts software school, where all we do is get into the numbers of financial products that a person might use over the course of their life, and also planning to make sure people have safety, certainty, and security. 

I picked up the USA Today paper this morning.  In the very first section, page number 2 is an article about Kobe’s life was just getting started.  There’s been all this talk over the course of this last week during the unexpected death of Kobe Bryant, and as I have been going through the last few days thinking about families’ lives, every family has a Kobe Bryant.  It might be a husband, a wife.  It might be a father.  It might be a mother.  Each one of those individuals are the family’s Kobe Bryant.  Though this life gets so much press, as it should, but what about the individual Kobe Bryant’s of out lives?  What are we doing to make certain that we have the security and the certainty, that our lives won’t be disrupted; our families’ lives won’t be disrupted if our own personal Kobe Bryant is no longer here tomorrow.

If you haven’t read my book, “Investments Don’t Hug – Embracing the Life Insurance Asset”, I would ask you today to get the audible version; the I-Tunes version, if you care to listen.  But more importantly, get the book.  Highlight it as you read.  Underline as you read.  Make notations as you read.  So if that early death occurs in your life, if (or I should say when) that death occurs, because none of us are getting out of here alive, make sure you have put together a plan to make certain that your family will be OK; that they will be able to move on with the security of having not only the memories of you, and what you taught them, and how you lived your life, but that you give them the security so they can move on without you.   

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