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The Pampered Chef & Warren Buffet

What does the upcoming acquisition of insurer Alleghany Corp. for $11.6 billion dollars by Berkshire Hathaway have to do with Pampered Chef parties? It’s all about having the cash to take advantage of opportunities. You probably think you have to be Warren Buffett to have ‘cash-on-hand’ to build your dreams. You can also make a difference in your financial future with a simple loan against a mutually-owned whole life insurance policy. That’s what Doris Christopher did. She was the founder of The Pampered Chef.

Will your employer cancel your life insurance?

After working for the company for years, many AT&T retirees had their life insurance benefits drastically reduced at the end of 2021. Could this happen to you? What can you do? Where do you begin? 

Life is Good

Is it worth 4% to add safety features to your life?

Buy the book now!

Give a gift that will last more than a few moments this year.

What is Seasonal Preparation?

Are you prepared for the change in weather? How about for changes in life?

Where do you store your safe money?

Where do you store your safe money?

Celebrations, Flowers, & The Life Insurance Asset

Flowers mark the celebrations of our lives - Engagements, Weddings, Births and Anniversaries. They also mark difficult times - Get Well Wishes, Sympathy and Remembrances. The Life Insurance Asset also marks and engages these moments, as well. Life Insurance provides a death benefit, yes; but it also provides a way to promote life with available cash for the opportunities and the emergencies of life without anyone dying. Do you know how to LIVE your life Insurance? If you did, just imagine what you could do.


Walt Disney partially financed Disneyland with a loan against his Whole Life Insurance Policy.  The Bushes Baked Bean Company was partially financed with a Whole Life Insurance Policy.  The Pampered Chef Company was entirely financed through a loan against a Whole Life Insurance Policy.  A Whole Life insurance policy provides a place to store your safe money.  Learn what Milly did with the cash value of her life insurance policy.  It changed all of our lives forever.

Purifying Money

Purifying money is like purifying water. How do you purify your money?

Can you dream?

Like a refurnished baby grand piano - your whole life insurance policy provides dreams that go long into the future, can you dream?

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