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Road Closed Ahead

The road ahead might be the one less traveled; but what if it's a road that's been closed to you? Then it doesn't matter, because it now becomes a road you could never experience. We're told that we can do anything we wish, we only need to dream it. That's a great saying, but it's not true. We need to plan, execute and put forth the effort to make things happen in our lives. Yet most important, we need to move forward while the road is still open, available to travel upon. Time is our enemy. Uncertainty is our enemy. Procrastination is our enemy. There's a song that goes - "This is the day which the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it." Today IS the day for you to sing and rejoice in it. Make today the starting point of choosing your road and taking that first step now before potentially being blocked by a future 'road closure'.

Are You on track?

Do you feel your future plans have been derailed? Inflation, falling markets, pandemics, political turmoil at home and abroad. Every single day it's something new; yet it isn't. Thirty-five years has taught Mark Bertrang, that it's simply another day of uncertainty, which is a part of life. What do you do to provide certainty, especially for your 'safe' money that you don't want at risk, money you may wish to have access to during emergencies or for the possible opportunity that may come your way? As the author of "Investments Don't Hug: Embracing the Life Insurance Asset", Mark Bertrang explores derailments and helping you get back on track.

Family Traditions, Ugly Shirts

We have a family tradition at our cabin in Northern Wisconsin; everyone who comes to visit our cabin, whether it's a family member or a friend is required to wear an ugly shirt and have their picture taken for our "refrigerator" photo gallery. This is a silly family tradition that has been going on for well over a decade. But there are also family traditions that can impact your life and your family's life - generation after generation. Listen for what that tradition is and how to begin yours.

One and Done

We would all like to think that our life's projects can simply be one and done. Last year, the street in front of our home was torn up during the entire summer as sewer pipes, water pipes, wiring and electrical hidden underneath the pavement of our street was replaced. We literally lived with a mud bog in the front of our house for three months. Once this project was completed, we were told our street wouldn't need any work done on it for the next 100 years. Yet, here I am today and our street boulevard is being torn up anew to install new high-speed optical fibers. That's the way it is with life. Let's have a discussion of your life and thoughts about the concept of one and done.

Grafting grapevines, Olive Trees & Whole Life Insurance

Olive trees has been dying in many countries due to pests and disease that has killed off entire hillsides. Have you felt that same frustration with your 401(k), IRA or other retirement account? Specialized grafting has saved many vineyards and olive groves. Could a graft of a whole life insurance policy into your plan help your retirement account sustain itself, to not only survive but to thrive? Mark Bertrang, the author of Investments Don't Hug: Embracing the Life Insurance Asset, discusses the grafting of a whole life insurance policy to your overall retirement planning to counter the financial pests and disease that your retirement maybe suffering from.

Fiction or Nonfiction: what world do you live in?

Often we believe by looking at the past we can simply project out into the future. Is that really the case? Do yesterdays always predict our tomorrows? Mark Bertrang provides insight into the future our lives may become.

Language Misunderstanding

Words can be confusing. Why? Sometimes we simply don’t speak the same language. During a recent trip to southern Italy, this became very clear to me. Sometimes just holding up the wrong fingers during a simple conversation can confuse one another. So, why is it that when both speakers are speaking English, there can still be confusion? They’re both speaking the same language, yet there’s a misunderstanding of their communication. We can all suffer from language misunderstandings.

The Glass Bull

You've heard of the story about the Achilles Heel or a Glass Jaw.  Today, Mark Bertrang shares the story about The Glass Bull.  Decades ago, Mark purchased this bull in the village of Murano on an outlying island of Venice, Italy. A small group of world-class glass factories are located there, where handblown works of art are produced.  Mark carried this bull throughout Italy fearful it would break. It didn't. Yet as it was then, it is still a fragile piece that helps to tell a story of beauty and venerability today. 

Get in the Game!

There are those folks who sit in the stands or “armchair quarterback” from their mancave. Yet, to win, you actually have to get off your duff and get into the game.  Playing is oftentimes difficult.  It takes training, practice, and endurance. That’s why most of us simply sit in our overstuffed La-Z-Boy and yell at our big screen televisions after each play of the game.  For some, money is also a game.  Are you watching or are you ‘in the game’?  Are you waiting for an outcome or are you working toward your outcome?

Scarcity, Abundance & Dryer Sheets

You may live in a world of scarcity or in a world of abundance. Often, we choose the world in which we live because of our upbringing. We bring our own circumstances to the world that we live in. Many believe that their world is out of their control and sometimes it is, but maybe our mind limits us more than our own individual circumstances. Mark Bertrang uses a simple story about dryer sheets to explore the possibilities of prosperity thinking in your life.

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