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Are you an Outlier?

People talk about 'averages' as if they actually live in an average world where everything plays out in average ways. Is that really how life works? Do you want to be average or are you an Outlier, who wants to live in a non-average world, a world full of possibilities which aren't average, but are unique? Let's discuss averages, outliers, your life and the options to live a more impactful life using the Life Insurance Asset in a non-average way.

4-Year-Old Broken Refrigerators

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed recently and saw this post from a client and friend of mine, lamenting on how his four-year-old refrigerator died. It was brand new in 2018 at a cost of $1,900. He and his family had to move all of its contents to a nearly thirty-year-old refrigerator in their basement that has now outlasted two modern refrigerators. He went on to say - "The new stuff just sucks when it comes to reliability." Do you ever feel that way.? I know I do. This is a perfect example of what I have seen for the past thirty-five plus years in the life insurance industry. The advertisements are always trying to sell you the new and the improved, when all you really want is something that simply lasts the test of time. Here's my take on what lasts.

Alfie, What’s it all about?

In the mid-1960s Michael Caine starred in a British comedy/drama titled Alfie. It might be better known by the question which was also part of its title and a song which became famous by Dionne Warwick - "What's it all about, Alfie?". Today is Mark Bertrang's birthday and it is not unusual for each of us to ask this same question of ourselves. Mark shares an intimate story of what he believes his calling is all about.

Is it good or bad for you? – Coffee & Whole Life Insurance

If you research down through the ages, you can see how your simple cup of morning Joe has been maligned. Coffee was thought to make you weak, lazy, and of questionable values. Coffee?!? This simply tells of a popular opinion before people actually knew the facts. Some of these research opinions were still considered valid as little as thirty years ago. Think how your days would be different without your morning brew. The same might be said regarding owning a portfolio of quality mutual insurance company whole life insurance. It's unfortunate that most consumers have not had the benefits and the actual uses of this time-tested product. Businesses know how it works. Banks know how it works. Individuals need to understand and make the decision for themselves on how to maximize their own 'living' lives with this unique asset which can provide safety and liquidity for emergencies and opportunities.

The Pampered Chef & Warren Buffet

What does the upcoming acquisition of insurer Alleghany Corp. for $11.6 billion dollars by Berkshire Hathaway have to do with Pampered Chef parties? It’s all about having the cash to take advantage of opportunities. You probably think you have to be Warren Buffett to have ‘cash-on-hand’ to build your dreams. You can also make a difference in your financial future with a simple loan against a mutually-owned whole life insurance policy. That’s what Doris Christopher did. She was the founder of The Pampered Chef.

Will your employer cancel your life insurance?

After working for the company for years, many AT&T retirees had their life insurance benefits drastically reduced at the end of 2021. Could this happen to you? What can you do? Where do you begin? 

Life is Good

Is it worth 4% to add safety features to your life?

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What is Seasonal Preparation?

Are you prepared for the change in weather? How about for changes in life?

Where do you store your safe money?

Where do you store your safe money?

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